"Tellin' the Story" is my personal blog but it is also a part of the ministry that God has called me to. My primary calling is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ but the Lord has been gracious to give me a passion for writing as well. In my life I have been a part of many churches in various denominations. I currently serve in a Baptist church but my primary allegiance is to Christ and the Kingdom of God. I tell you that so you will know that I write from a Christian point of view. Some things may seem very Baptist and some things may not but it is my belief that, at the core, Christians all over the world have certain common beliefs. This is what C.S Lewis would call "mere Christianity."

One of my primary presuppositions is that the Bible is the perfect Word of God and that, as such, it is our authority as Christians. Though the nature of a blog insinuates that my opinion will be the subject matter, I always strive to root my writing in Scripture.

On this blog we strive to offer a variety of articles. Some may be devotional. Some may be thought provoking. Some may be funny. You also may find an occasional book review or recommendation or anything else that strikes our fancy. However, we want to bring God glory and honor with all that we do including this blog so that will be our overriding concern and guiding principle. Please enjoy our blog and we welcome your feedback!


Christian R. Herring