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Reflection and Thanks

Just this afternoon I was able to catch part of one of the episodes of Band of Brothers on the History Channel. I've read the book twice and seen the entire mini-series but the power of it never fades. I am always in awe of the men that fought in World War II and their humble heroism. I suppose I would like to take just a few minutes, as the Fourth of July approaches, to say "thank you" to those who have taken their turn defending freedom throughout the history of the United States. I fear that with the way that values and culture are heading there will be fewer and fewer who are willing to recognize what these valiant men have done and show their appreciation.
Three of my grandfathers were, in some way, involved in World War II. My mother's dad served with the Civil Air Patrol in Manteo, NC. Their mission was to hunt German U-boats off the east coast and keep America's citizens safe. My father's dad, about whom I know very little as his passed on before I…