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Unbinding the Prophets

This morning I was continuing my study of the book of Amos and found myself in the second chapter of this prophet's writing. Some of you may be familiar with this passage because this is where God declares His judgment on Moab, Judah and Israel. The long and short of the message is that there will be no stopping God's wrath upon these people and the prophet explains exactly why in each case. One thing stood out to me among the rest of the indictments and it is found in verse 12;

And you commanded the prophets saying, "You shall not prophesy!"

Before we get into why I think this is interesting and applicable to us today I want to lay a little bit of ground work on the role of the prophet.

Typically when we think of prophecy or the prophetic writings we automatically go to telling of future events, or foretelling. This was certainly one of the major functions of the prophet in the Old Testament. Without the foretelling of the prophets of God we would be missing many of …