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Fiction: "The Lone Rider"

Below you will find a short story I thought up while driving to Florida last week. I don't normally write fiction but I find that I do enjoy it so maybe I'll do it more in the future.


The Lone Rider
                The forest was far quieter than one would expect of a forest. Nearly silent, it was, save for the occasional crack of a dry, dead tree trunk which, like all the others, was a deep brown bordering on black. The air felt thick as if something were hanging over the land trying to squeeze the life out of it. To the casual onlooker it had been successful. Even in the short springtime the leaves that did sprout from the branches emerged brown and crispy hanging on to their parent tree for a few short days. Even the dawn of new life seemed to be hopeless. Despite the midday hour the land was dark. It seemed as if the sun had not pierced through the thick layer of steel grey clouds in many lifetimes.                 The silence of the afternoon was broken abruptly…