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Rethinking American Evangelism

I had the amazing opportunity last night to go with a couple of friends to here Ravi Zacharias and Stuart MacAllister speak in Gastonia, NC. Hearing these two men of God speak on the supremacy of Christ was a real treat to say the least. In the midst of all of this a couple of things stuck out to me that pertain to the nature of evangelism or mission in the United States today. First Dr. MacAllister said that the apologetic that is needed the most in American today is, borrowing Paul's words, "Christ and Him crucified." Later Dr. Zacharias went on to tell a rather humorous story about a family who didn't know the story of Jericho's wall being brought down. These two points, along with the rest that was said, made me ponder the state and method of evangelism in America.

1. Do we need to begin approaching our home territory similar to the way we approach missions abroad?

- The reason I bring up this question is because, like most of western Europe, the US is in dan…