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What would we die in front of?

Editorial note: If you are a follower of this blog I'm sure that seeing a new post from me in your inbox was something of a shock. As I looked at the blog's main page I was struck by the fact that it has been over a year since I've posted here. I'm not making any promises but I do want to make a renewed effort to write here in the future. In the interim period between the last post and this one I have been occupied with trying to be a full-time pastor which has been a real learning experience for me, one for which I am grateful. But, the urge has struck to write more and more about things that mean something in eternity and as I looked at the stats I discovered, much to my surprise, that "Lovin' Tellin' The Story" has gained over 6,000 views in it's lifetime and still averages over 100 views per month. All of that and I have completely ignored it for over a year! Well, I think it is time to once again take up the reigns and present my humble offer…