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We've Moved!

After 8 years of being hosted on Blogger Lovin' Tellin' the Story has moved to it's own website with a new name - Telling The Story Press. For the time being this blog will remain live until everything can be transitioned over and we can redirect the traffic to the new site. Please follow the link below to join us at the new location.

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Christian Herring

Life and Liberty: NIFLA v. Becerra

North Carolina (my home state) is one of 17 states that has some form of alcoholic beverage control commission. This commission operates a number of ABC stores which, in our parlance, is code for "where you go to get liquor." This commission comes under the authority of the Department of Public Safety - a part of the state government. According to their website, NC ABC stores generate approximately $1 billion annually through the sale of controlled beverages. That's a pretty penny, no?

Imagine with me for a moment that the State of NC passed a law that required substance abuse rehab centers to post prominent advertisements for the nearest ABC store in the welcome area of their facilities. That would seem rather ludicrous would it not? Compelling an organization who's mission is to help people stop abusing alcohol to display advertising for the government sponsored alcohol sales commission (which generates billions of dollars in state income) could be described as un…

God's Puzzle Box: The Bible in the Christian Life

My kids love to put together puzzles. Our son, who is almost four, is particularly adept at putting them together but his sister is quickly gaining proficiency. The thing about puzzles, and I'm sure you realize this from your own experience, is that even the most elementary puzzle is very hard to put together without seeing the picture on the lid of the box. At this point you're probably thinking I'm going to talk about "seeing the big picture" or something like that. Well, I'm not, at least not directly. What I want to address is the Word of God - the Bible. Specifically, the role that we allow the Word of God to play in our lives.

In 1 Corinthians 4:6 Paul writes these words, so that you may learn the meaning of the saying: "Nothing beyond what is written." That sounds rather cryptic but the point that he is making is that he and Apollos had set an example for the Corinthians of living a life according to God's Word (what is written). Unfortu…

Self-confidence to God-confidence

If you're anything like me, it is easy to listen to all the voices that speak into your life. People who either encourage, or discourage you. People who believe in you, and those who don't. Those who try to affirm your gifts and calling, and those who try to convince you that you're mistaken. The list could go on.

Now, Dr. Phil, and Oprah, and Dr. Drew, and Joel Osteen, and Tony Robbins are all going to give you some ideas about how to deal with those negative voices that bark into your ear. Some might even have some advice about what to do when the voice is your's. Well, here's the good news; what you are experiencing is nothing new. In fact, even the apostle Paul dealt with this issue. Here's the even better news; God's Word - the Bible - offers us true, godly, wisdom on how to deal with it, not trendy human wisdom.

In 1 Corinthians 4:1-5 Paul gives us a recipe for what I'm going to call "God-confidence." It isn't self-confidence, or se…

Christianity and Weed

Two nights a week I teach Adult Basic Education at our local prison...I mean "correctional institution." Naturally, many of the people who find their way into prison have had some experience with drugs, and sadly, many are hoping to have more experience with drugs after they leave. So, last night somehow the topic of marijuana (weed, smoke, bud, pot, Mary Jane, etc.) was brought up in our discussion of World War Two (Please don't ask me how. They can turn the conversation to weed if you're talking about Mother Teresa). Of course, these guys know that I am a pastor and a Christian so comments were made about how the Bible doesn't tell us we can't smoke dope and so on. Then, as I'm riding home Al Mohler brings up the topic of marijuana in yesterday's (2/1/2018) episode of the "The Briefing." His point was that marijuana usage is up in America but in other forms besides smoking it, and how more and more states are trying to jump on the legaliz…