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One thing that I love to do is create useful resources for the building up of God's people. Through Number 156 Ministries we currently offer two  different Bible studies for use in various settings. Both of these studies, Radical Faith and Fear This! were born out of my experience in youth ministry. Each of them started out as a lesson series for our youth group and now I want to make them available to you!

Radical Faith is a 10 week survey of several Biblical characters and the qualities that they exhibit. The idea is that these characters and their lives give us an example of what it means to live a life that is totally abandoned to God. Some of the topics include:

Abraham's radical obedience
Gideon's radical strategy
Paul's radical perseverance
Jesus' radical love.

As you will learn the word "radical" has at least two meanings that are useful for us as Christians. First, it means returning to the root of somethings. As Christians it is imperative that we return to our roots of the Bible and Jesus Christ. We are told by Christ that He is the vine and we are the branches. Without that connection to the life giving root of Christ we are doomed to stumble and ultimately fail. The second meaning is one that we have become very familiar with and that is, departing from the norm. It is time for us to leave behind the mediocre faith that we have come to embrace in modern Christianity and be boldly in love with God.

Fear This! is an examination of some of the attributes of God. While it would be foolish to try and describe all of the attributes of the infinite God these are some of the foremost. One of the things we have noticed recently is that there seems to be a huge misunderstanding of who God is. This leads us into all kinds of bad doctrine and an incomplete view of God. Some of the attributes that we explore are:


While both of these studies were originally used in a youth group setting they are valuable for just about an small group. Each study includes a complete workbook with both student pages and leader pages. The leader pages are designed to give you additional information on the subject at hand. Furthermore, I encourage you to make these studies your own and find new and unique ways to tailor them to suit your ministry need. You can view and download them (as PDFs) by following the link below. These resources are free of charge but we do welcome any donation that you would like to make to our ministry for their use.

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